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The resources found on this page consist of technical assistance products developed by the Policy Innovation Exchange as well as a curated set of resources from national, state, and local partners. The resources will be updated periodically, and we encourage individuals and organizations to suggest additional resources to be added. Please complete this form to submit any resources for review by PIX staff.

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Hepatitis C: State of Medicaid Access

A NVHR report dedicated to hepatitis C treatment prior authorization restrictions in all state Medicaid programs, including traditional fee-for-service as well as managed care. The report focuses on three of the most significant prior authorization restrictions to treatment: liver damage, sobriety, and prescriber limitations. It is the most comprehensive public listing of these restrictions to date.

HIV Criminalization Legal and Policy Assessment Tool

Change Lab Solutions and the CDC developed the HIV Criminalization Legal and Policy Assessment Tool: Legal, Health and Equity Considerations Related to HIV Criminalization, Public Health Surveillance, and Data Privacy. This toolkit is designed to assist state decision makers in assessing their laws' alignment with current scientific and medical evidence on HIV, as well as HIV data privacy laws.This tool supports an objective assessment of a jurisdiction’s laws, regulations, and executive orders that control HIV surveillance and prevention


This NASTAD resource is an issue page on stigma in it's various forms with a focus on HIV stigma and how stigma fuels the propagation of STDs. The resources on this page include an National Harm Reduction Technical Assistance Center Training Deck on Sex Worker Health and Harm Reduction, an HIV Criminalization Fact Sheet, an Issue brief on Addressing Stigma in Healthcare Facilities: A "Secret Shopper" Intervention, and a Health Equity Initiative Distance-Based Curriculum.

NVHR Fact sheets address latest issues in HCV care

NACCHO highlights and links to NVHR developed fact sheets. The first fact sheet presents the case for universal screening for HCV during pregnancy. The second fact sheet makes the case for the need to expand HCV treatment among people who inject drugs. Both fact sheets contain valuable data to support harm reduction and prevention work.


A network of public health partners, community-based organization, tribal health organizations who focus on identifying and addressing the needs of drug users of needle injection. HepNET Provides resources based on education, testing sites, and treatment. (Parternship with CDC, NASTAD, and NVHR)

NASTAD Issues: Housing

This NASTAD page directs to a number of housing resources including the toolkit: Thinking About Starting a Supportive Housing Program? Recommendations and Considerations for the Planning Process, a Harm Reduction and Housing Video Series, A Housing People Who Use Drugs (PWUDs) Webinar Series, and a case study on the Washington State Housing Program. This page also directs to events and live webinar series related to housing and harm reduction.

Datebase: Pharmacist Authority to Offer Harm Reduction Services, Initiate PrEP & PEP, and Enter into Collaborative Practice

This NASTAD database includes an assessment of the legal authority for pharmacists to provide PrEP, PEP, and harm reduction services, and engage in collaborative practice agreements (CPAs) in all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Each State or Territory has a section dedicated to summarizing Naloxone, Syringe, Oral PrEP, Injectable PrEP, CPA, Lab Tests, and Reimbursement policies.

NASTAD and RAISE Webinar Series

A webinar series that promotes evidence-based interventions; supports EHE-funded implementation research projects; connects health departments with researchers to respond to health department needs. NASTAD and RAISE host monthly webinars on implementation science topics covering a wide range of tools and concepts with partners across the United States.

Webinar Series: Local Approaches to Preventing and Eliminating Hepatitis B

A webinar series by NACCHO discussing the current state of HBV in the U.S. and explored local health department efforts and model programs to increase HBV testing, vaccination, and linkage to care. Part 1: The Landscape of Hepatitis B in the U.S. Part 2: Exploring National and Local Approaches to Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Part 3: Hidden Consequences: The Opioid Epidemic and Rising Hepatitis B Rates
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